Silver Spring

Silver Spring 3 Parcels of property

Address: 8040 13th Street Silver Spring, Maryland

Size: 2.36 acres (includes 3 parcels plus 12,000 s.f. of previously dedicated land)

Zoning: CR-3.0 maximum residential

Development Potential: 2.75 FAR, 90 – 125 feet in height

Availability: UNDER CONTRACT

About This Property

8040 13th Street is adjacent to the DC border in Silver Spring.  The property is currently used as 2 hotels (Days Inn and Travelodge) and retail (a Subway sandwich shop).  The potential for development is enhanced by the county’s surface parking lot and parking garage which sits adjacent to the North of the property.  We looked for multifamily developers who value the potential to acquire or lease the county parking lot to build additional units.  The neighboring properties are eager to see this land developed.  Using only the existing size and zoning, the property can be developed up to 281,000 square feet of residential as well as 25,600 square feet of commercial space with potential bonus density with affordable housing.